EN ISO 11611:2015, the perpendicular electrical immunity Has to Be higher than 105 Ohm

Such a protective clothing is meant to shield the wearer against spatter (small splashes of molten metal), short contact time together with fire, glowing heat from a power arc utilized for welding and allied procedures.

Poseidon 245 can be really a cotton rich mixture guarantees this protective FR-fabric features top quality of organic fibers and additionally enforced with durable properties of cotton, for example as high equilibrium and abrasion resistance.

This fabric was developed for use within a wide array of industries including petro chemicals and utilities, notably in states with climate. The present day 2/2 twill weave is matched with Belltron carbon dioxide yarn at a stripe design. Flame retardant and antistatic fabric possessions give exceptional protection against risks of Flash flame and ESD sparks. Light weight, relaxation and decent amount of security produce Poseidon 245 perfect cloth for summer protective FR-clothing.

It is possible to find all of the certifications and extra info regarding the Poseidon-245 product web page.

EN ISO 11612 may be the European Norm for PPE utilized in welding or associated procedures where there's a probability of contact with fires, glowing heat from the arc, danger of splatter (small splashes of molten metal) and threat of electric shock by shortterm, casual contact with electric conductors (in voltages upto approximately 100 v dc-in ordinary states of welding).

You can find two distinct classes in this standard, either with various stages of protection. The welding specification of this fabric is analyzed using 1-5 Drops (to reach Class 1) or 25 Drops (to reach Class 2) of molten metal. Additionally, there are design critical criteria that have to be stuck with this specific kind of garment including pocket flap sticks and fixing systems.

Class Inch protection against less toxic welding Methods and

Situations, inducing lower quantities of splatter and glowing heat.

Class Two protection against more toxic welding Methods and

Situations, inducing high quantities of splatter and glowing heat.


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